"Focus on yield but no flavour has resulted in a vacuum in the greenhouse industry"

Internationally, multinational breeders of high tech tomato varieties have honed their skills focusing on high yield, & they have been quite successful with varieties which can produce in the region of 100Kg per sq.m. Somewhere along the way the focus on flavor has been lost and this has been noticed by discerning consumers internationally and also in Australia.

The Lefroy Valley Product Development team has been working with independent breeders who are developing varieties which compete with conventional varieties, but have the added advantage of outstanding taste and flavour. The LV PD team has noticed that leading Dutch growers are beginning to change their product specifications.  Their focus on high yield, but with consistently low prices returned from bored consumers, was not viable. They are now seeking breeding programs which will provide them good yield but with something a bit different from their competitors, with consistently improved taste together with good shelf life and presentation. They knew it was time to listen to their customers’ demands!

Lefroy Valley’s breeding partners have shifted the focus to taste, presentation and shelf life with an entirely different approach to the breeding process.

Lefroy Valley seeks to intensify the cooperation with growers and retailers who listen to their customers. Whilst there are many different colours and shapes of tomato on the market, they all taste similar.  Lefroy Valley with its breeding partners; would like to present consumers with tomatoes distinguishable by taste; which will result in repeat buys and increased demand. Watch this space as new varieties begin to be presented to the high tech greenhouse market.

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