CHEETAH F1 sets new benchmarks

Cheetah is a new Jap (Tropical) Pumpkin hybrid developed specifically for the Australian market.

As normal with Japs and other pumpkins, maturity is extended under cooler conditions and shorter day lengths. As an estimate CHEETAH matures in 105 days under warm conditions with long day lengths, and up to 140 days under cool conditions and very short day lengths.

The smaller seed cavity of CHEETAH sets it apart from all current varieties on the market today. As a result of CHEETAH’S smaller seed cavity, the size to weight ratio saves growers in many aspects their production to market cycle, eg. harvesting, bins, handling etc. Markets are displaying a product which presents beautifully and consumers can enjoy their favourite pumpkin with minimum wastage.

Certain existing standard Jap pumpkin varieties in the market do not have extended shelf life, and external colour deteriorates rapidly in storage. Below is a photo of CHEETAH compared to one of the current standards, after one month of storage.

CHEETAH                                    STANDARD

The yield and uniformity in Australian productions and trials has been excellent and higher yields from CHEETAH are normal and expected.

CHEETAH has no specific disease resistance but it stands up well in the field with very good vine holding ability.

Flesh texture and colour is very good, it has slight ribbing (maybe not as aggressive as Ooak) will develop a powdery looking wax layer at maturity.

CHEETAH F1 ticks all the boxes offering significant benefits to growers and marketers, and is a major advance and refinement in Jap pumpkin breeding.

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