Whether you roast it whole, blend it into a classic soup, eat it in your favourite salad or drink it as juice, like the Olympians do, beetroot has a place in any diet. It is low in fat, full of vitamins and minerals and packed with powerful antioxidants - a health food Titan.         

At Lefroy Valley we have sourced products from the leading beetroot suppliers, from around the world, which can be used in whatever culinary delight you have in mind.


Salad Mix


Swiss Chard


Fluence (F1) – - Is a new addition to our Swiss Chard range. It has shown an excellent ability to produce green leaf with dark red petioles under cold conditions..

Ion (F1) – Is also a new addition to our range. Ion can be grown on the shoulders of the colder conditions. It has outstanding uniformity, producing dark green leaves with distinctive red petioles.

Volt (F1) – Its strong vigour, dark green leaf with dark red petioles, has given it a proven reputation as a reliable performer

Rhubarb Red – An early maturing OP line, with glossy dark green leaves and red petioles.




Lion (F1) - Lion has a highly vigorous, uniform plant with a dark green leaf which has a prominent red vein. It can be sown all year round but excels in the cool season.

Quick Top - Quick Top has good vigour and matures early. Leaves are a bright green, with good shelf life. Quick Top can be sown all year round

Magenta – A red leaf beet that maintains its consistent deep red leaf colour during the warmer times of the year.

Red Head – A vigorous red leaf selection which performs well under cold conditions.


Bulbing Beetroot


Eagle (F1) - Eagle has a strong plant with a good crown attachment, and dark red bulbs that have a smooth skin and a deep globe shape. It can be used for either baby beet or large bulbs

Lion (F1) - Lion has a highly vigorous plant resulting in an early maturity. The uniform dark red, smooth skin bulbs along with the glossy dark green leaf makes it an ideal option for bunching growers.

Touchstone Gold – Striking golden-fleshed beet with an excellent sweet flavour. It has smooth golden roots with bright yellow flesh that retains its colour when cooked.


Mulyan – Is Lefroy Valley’s selection of Chioggia. It has a light red skin with rings inside similar to red and white candy stripes. The flesh is very tender, mild and sweet.