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The cabbage is our best friend. It warms us up during cold winters days with steaming soups and baked dishes. In the summer refreshes us with coleslaw and it is not a proper hot dog anywhere in the world unless sauerkraut is included

The cabbage family is large and extended, and it is a cousin to kale, broccoli, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. Cabbage can be green, red, savoy, Chinese (Napa), flat drum, pointy, sugar loaf, super sweet, large, medium, mini and all combinations between them. 

At Lefroy Valley, we are developing all different styles and types to suit the different needs of Australian cuisine. Our new range has given us the opportunity to test 200+ new varieties from around the world and only the best ones will be introduced to Australian consumers. 

Mini cabbages are not new around the world, but are only just starting to build their place on supermarket shelves in Australia. The usual size is 0.8-1kg and they can be round green, savoy or red; Chinese red or green; super-sweet or sugarloaf.

Mario - is our first mini green cabbage. Head size is 15 x 15cm with a weight between 0.8 - 1.2kg, it is pure dark green in colour with good presentation and excellent second inner leaves.  Mario is round to flat round in shape with a plant frame of 50 cm.  Mario has good bolting tolerance, with maturity of 65-70 days after transplanting.   It is suitable for the warm season in cooler areas and all year round in warm areas.
Luigi - is Mario’s friend! It is the same type of cabbage as Mario, but just for cool season. Luigi has good tolerance to heavy rain with maturity 80-100 days.  
Yoshi – is a savoy mini cabbage and is suitable for all seasons in cool areas.  Best results are when Yoshi is grown from the cold to warm periods of the year. Yoshi is round in shape, has excellent colour and presentation with a diameter 13-14cm and weight of 0.8-1.0kg  
Boom Boom - is our first mini red cabbage and is suitable for harvest all year in warmer areas and warmer periods in cooler areas. Shape is round with diameter of 13 cm and weight of 1.0-1.2kg
Goomba - is a speciality mini cabbage with drum style appearance but with loose internals like a savoy type. Unique for this cabbage is its sweetness and crispiness. It is suitable for all year round harvest in cool areas and in summer can achieve the size of midi cabbage (depending on spacing). Shape is round to flat round (12cm to 16cm) and weight 0.8 - 1.4kg.
Midi cabbage are suited for Supermarkets, and large cabbage varieties are used either for the fresh market or for processing
Tsarina - a red cabbage with a large vigorous plant. Heads are round in shape, deep red in colour and of medium size. Tsarina can be harvested in cool timeslots in most production areas of Australia.  
Sultan - a semi-savoy cabbage with a medium green colour, strong plant and early maturity (12 weeks in summer and 15 to 16 weeks in winter).  It has a large head (2 to 3kg) and is suitable for year round harvest, except spring when it is still to be tested.  
Abus - is green cabbage with strong vigour. Heads are large, round flat in shape and dark green in colour and it has excellent field holding ability. Abus is best harvested in late spring, summer and autumn in cool areas.  
Colverde - is a large vigorous green cabbage variety with good ground clearance. Heads are large, round, and medium dark green in colour. Colverde has very good field holding ability.  Colverde can be harvested from late spring until mid-winter in warmer areas.  
Ranak - has a dark green, large head with excellent presentation. Harvest Ranak during winter and early spring in cooler regions, and matures in 120 to 130 days.  Ranak has IR: Xcc  
Solak - has an erect frame with good structure and has IR: Xcc. Heads are semi round and blue green. Solak has excellent field holding ability, and is best harvested from autumn to winter in cooler areas. It will mature in 90 days if transplanted in summer.
Rioverde - is excellent summer variety with exceptional heat tolerance and very high yield potential.  It has IR: Xcc and is suitable for the fresh and processing markets. STRICTLY WARM SEASON CROPPING.  
Winton - is a midi Chinese (Napa) cabbage suitable for warmer areas and/or areas with lower ground nitrogen level.  Winton has good bolting tolerance.  Winton has a head size of 12 x 20cm and a head weight of 1.0 - 1.2kg  
Jombok – Large Chinese cabbage with strong vigour and early maturity. It has dark green leaves with golden internals. It is suitable for harvest coming out of winter in warmer regions.  

Out of this range there is a variety for any production area, pallet or profile! For more information please contact your local representative, or Kosta Popov on 0408 109 857 for specialist information.

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