Lefroy Valley’s range of roma tomatoes satisfies the requirements of growers in most production areas in Australia. The range covers indeterminate types with strong disease resistance packages to refined indeterminate types suited to mid tech greenhouse growing.

SHEENA is a highly adaptable determinate roma tomato with a large oval shaped fruit up to 140g. It is grown from N Victoria to N Queensland, can be gown on the ground or on a low wire trellis with minimal or no pruning. It has inherently large fruit so growers can use this attribute in lighter soils or in more difficult planting slots. SHEENA has high resistance to Fol: 1-3, Va, Mi, TSWV & ToMV

KATYA is an updated version of SHEENA with an even better disease resistance package. With its high resistance to Fol:1-3, Mi, Mj, Pst, Sl, ToMV, TSWV, TYLCV & Vd, KATYA is suited for the Bundaberg and Bowen regions. The fruit is not quite as uniform as SHEENA and is around 130g. Whilst TYLCV resistance has become essential for varieties in these areas, resistance to the silent killer Stemphylium lycopersici has shown to be a huge advantage when there are cool nights and heavy dews.

SASSY is an indeterminate roma which is able to produce large ( up to 140g ) egg shaped fruit. SASSY has high resistance to Fol: 1-3, Va, Mi, TSWV & intermediate resistance to TYLCV. Sassy is more suited for warm to hot slots so may be planted in summer in Victoria and South Australia, and as a start up variety in Bundaberg and Bowen.

JANNA is a refined high yielding indeterminate roma with high resistance to Va, Fol 1-3, Ma, ToMV, Pst & intermediate resistance to TYLCV. Janna has performed well in open field in Bundaberg and Bowen, and in the Sydney basin in unheated greenhouses.

CORONA is an indeterminate roma suited to growing in mid tech greenhouse, in artificial media or in the soil. Fruit are very uniformly egg shaped, 110 to 130g in weight and are suited to single picking. It is a highly adaptable variety which can overcome heat waves or cold spells, and has high tolerance to blossom end rot. With high resistance to Ff:1-5, Fol:0,1, For, ToMV, Va & Vd and intermediate resistance to Ma, Mi, Mj & On, CORONA is a profitable addition to a greenhouse grower’s programme.

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