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the highest quality vegetable seeds with the best genetics

Lefroy Valley is a fiercely independent, wholly Australian owned professional vegetable seed company. With roots deep into the Australian vegetable industry, Lefroy Valley places the Australian grower first and strives to introduce varieties that make a difference.

Our focus on quality and best possible customer service is reflected in the pride we have in Lefroy Valley, the respect we have for each other and for our most important customer, you, the Australian grower.


  • LVA - Petra
    HY 4944 OD

    New hybrid variety maturing in 81 days. HY 4944 excellent plant type boasts a stocky single stalk with an excellent disease package.

  • LVA - Petra

    Viking is an early maturing parsnip, maturing in approx. 110 days, with vigorous foliage. Its long roots are slender wedge shaped that are well filled, usually approx. 27 cm.

  • LVA - Petra

    Petra is an indeterminate roma tomato variety that will be a competitive roma in the market. Petra has out yielded other trials by between 15-20% more.

  • LVA - Sioux Spinach
    Sioux Spinach

    Sioux is a lightly savoy spinach, with very uniform oval to paddle shaped leaf. Colour is medium dark green. Sioux has shown good adaptability and is suited to both shoulder slots.

  • LVA - Cruiser Coriander
    Cruiser Coriander

    Cruiser is a high yielding coriander line with good quality. Cruiser has exceptional bolting tolerance, a dark green colour and strong aromatic flavour.

  • LVA - Blackjack Broccoli
    Blackjack Broccoli

    Blackjack is quickly becoming the industry standard. Blackjack shows excellent consistent performance under variable weather conditions.

  • LVA - Nyala
    Battle of the bulbs

    NYALA is a medium late, short-day brown hybrid, which has strong tops and good field resistance against leaf disease.

  • LVA - Iron Mike
    Knockout Cucumber

    IRON MIKE is a short cucumber for unheated greenhouse suited for cool season growing. It has a balanced vigorous plant and sets one fruit per node.

  • LVA - Enna Roma
    Enna - the Peach

    No, it is a Roma, but it is a beauty! ENNA is always prominent in a paddock because of how clean the plants look compared to other varieties.

  • LVA - Laser Roma
    Laser the all-round performer

    When the agronomists from Lefroy Valley evaluate varieties, they are after consistent performance. From experience we know that variety performance varies between areas and even between different farms.

  • LVA - Verde Capsicum
    Verde F1 Capsicum - let's go Green!

    Looking for a high quality, high yielding, large blocky capsicum which is an attractive shiny green and slow to turn red?

  • LVA - Jumbo Jalapeno
    Jumbo Jalapeno

    Jumbo is a new jalapeno chilli with a strong plant and strong fruit set. One of Jumbo's benefits is the continuous fruit setting.

  • LVA - Dallas
    New generation spinach

    Dallas is the latest addition to the Lefroy Valley range of baby spinach with a complete disease package of HR: Pe 1-18 and IR: Ao (white rust).


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